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To begin synchronizing Tallie with QuickBooks Desktop, you must install TallieConnect, the sync engine that ties the systems together. Once Tallie Connect has been installed and configured, data will move bi-directionally between the two systems.
If you are using a hosting service to store your accounting data, such as QB files, please contact your hosting provider to install the TallieConnect engine for you. For a list of verified hosting providers Tallie can sync with, click here.

Installing TallieConnect
  • Log into Tallie
  • Click the Gear icon at the upper-right corner. You may also click your name and select Settings
  • Click Download TallieConnect
  • Click Run when prompted
  • When the installation wizard appears, click Next
  • Make sure the install destination is on the same server as where your QuickBooks file is stored.

  • Click Install
  • Click Close when the installation is completed. TallieConnect is now installed on your computer!
  • You can access TallieConnect from your Windows Start Menu by going to All Programs > Tallie > TallieConnect
  • Once it’s open, it will run in the background and can be located in the Windows system icon tray