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You can use the Identity Details page to manage the following items:
Edit your Profile Settings

To edit your profile settings, click on your name/enterprise at the top right of Tallie and select Edit your account. You can also switch to a different enterprise from here if you have more than one Tallie account.
You'll be taken to your Identity Screen, where you can edit your display NameEmail Addresses, and Password.

Disconnect from an Enterprise

To Disconnect from an enterprise:
  • Click the down arrow to the right of the account name
  • Click Disconnect

  • Disconnecting from the enterprise from this screen is not advised. If you are having any problems with Tallie, please contact an administrator of your enterprise.
  • Tallie Admins: If your user accidentally disconnected his/her account, follow the steps in this article to reconnect it.

Add an Additional Email Address 
  • You may add additional email addresses to your Tallie profile for sign-on and receipt emailing purposes.
             o     Once added, an email titled “Please verify your new email address” will be sent to the email address you just                   added. Simply click Verify in the email to complete the action.
             o     Note: You will not be able to add the email address used as the primary email for another Tallie account.
  • If your email address is linked to two or more Tallie accounts, you can switch to a different account from the list of Connected Enterprises.