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The Export Settings tab allows you to change the export settings in Tallie. Depending on your Expense Payment selection (Accounting, Accounting & Payroll, Archive, PDF Printer, Bill.com, etc.), a different series of settings will become available.

          1.    If you would like to export expense payments to your accounting software, select Accounting.
                       o    If you don’t need to export to accounting nor payroll, you can select:
                                    i.      Archive: Expense data will be archived but will remain in your Tallie account and can be                                              reviewed later.
                                   ii.      PDF Printer: Download expense reports in PDF format.
                       o    Interested in connecting Tallie with your Bill.com account for reimbursements? Take a look at our Bill.com                                Integration article.

          2.    Payment export type allows you to define how you would like to reimburse employees, either with checks or                        bills.

          3.    The Accounting System Transaction Date setting allows you to select whether to record corporate card                                expenses in your accounting system using the transaction date, export date, or to be prompted to select a date                  before you export.

          4.    Check this box if you would like to import Merchant Names of your corporate card transactions to QuickBooks,                and specify whether to add in your Vendor or Other Names list in case a merchant does not already exist in QB.

          5.    The Account Mapping setting allows you to select the account that your checks or bills are paid through.

          6.    If you use SmartVault for data Storage in conjunction with QuickBooks Desktop, simply select SmartVault and                   enter your login information.
                       o    Take a look at this article for more information on Setting Up SmartVault.
                       o    Receipts will be exported to QuickBooks Online as attachments. SmartVault is not required.

          7.    By default, the Payment Memo will include the report ID number, expense report name, and description (e.g.                        Tallie 9: March Report: Report Notes). To customize this field, click here for instructions.