Configuring People: Mapping Custom Export Settings and Default Currency for Users

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Configuring People: Mapping

The Mapping tab allows you to configure specific mappings to your accounting software. These settings for each individual user will override the global settings.

  • If you use Departments/Classes for expense reports, you may select a default class for the individual. If the user chooses to report a class, the class selected by the user will take precedence.
  • For Expense Defaults, the enterprise default currency is used by default, but you may change it for the individual.
  • For Payment Details, the company settings are used by default; however, you may change these for the individual.
  • If you are Exporting to Accounting as bills, please select a vendor name from your accounting system.
  • Note: Though it is not typically requested, you may fill out a new address to override the address in your accounting software’s vendor records.