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When setting up new Tallie users, there are two ways to send Welcome Emails:

Ensure that the email address for each individual is accurate. This information is listed in the Personal Info tab.

Mass Welcome Emails
  • To send Welcome Emails go to Manage Lists > People

  • To send multiple welcome emails at once, check the boxes to the left for one or more employees. You may also select all by checking the master checkbox at the top
  • Click on the arrow on the right side of the green Mass Update button.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on Send Login Information.
                   Note: If there isn’t an email address applied for a user, this person will be skipped.
  •  An email will be sent to the user entitled “You’ve been invited by (Company Name) to use Tallie.” Within, the user should click Accept Invite to set up his/her password for Tallie.

Individual Welcome Emails
Alternatively, you can also send a welcome email while editing an individual user’s profile.
  • To edit an individual’s settings, simply click the person’s name

  • Go to the Personal Info tab. All you need to do ensure that the Email Notifications option is set to Yes, change the Password button to Yes, click Save & Exit, and you’re finished!

  •  Here is an example of the invitation Email. Accept Invite will allow users to create a new password. Connect to… will take users to the login page. The e-mail will include links to the Android and Apple Store to download the mobile app.