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After an expense report has been completely approved, the data is ready to the exported into QuickBooks.
To Export a Report into QuickBooks:
  1. Click on the Export Page
  2. Review the list of reports to identify the reports you would like to Export
  3. You can Click View to expand the report and make any necessary edits to expenses
  4.  Click the Export button next to a report to export one report at a time
  5. Click Export All to export all reports listed on the Export Page
  6.  If you believe information was not exported properly (for example, if TallieConnect wasn’t on), then you can click View Archived Reports to re-export.
  • Note: Admins can still view the expense report and make any necessary edits prior to export or reject it back to the user if there is missing information

If there are issues with the export, Export Errors will appear in red. To resolve:
  • Click View to expand the report and identify the expenses that are causing the error
  • The export error will specify the setting in question. Modify it accordingly
  • When done, return to the Export page and click Export once more


For information on locating exported data in QuickBooks view this guide.