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Tallie can export both reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses (corporate card transactions) to Bill.com. This guide will demonstrate the flow of expense reports from Tallie to Bill.com.

Export Settings

Review your export settings before Exporting. Once verified, you will not need to revisit this area.
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Integration & Sync
  • Click on Export Settings

1. By default, both reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses are set to export to Bill.com.
  • You may also select to export to PDF Printer or Archive (in Tallie’s history) instead. Click here for more info on Export Settings.

2. Reimbursable expenses are defaulted to use the Export Date as the date that appears on the bill Bill.com. Alternatively, you can set it to "prompt" so you have the option to select the date prior to exporting.

3. You can specify whether to record corporate card expenses in Bill.com using the transaction date, export date, or to be prompted to select a date. When “use the transaction date” is selected, the “Combine multiple charges into one bill” option will not be available.

4. For non-reimbursable / corporate card expenses, there are two additional settings:
  • Combine multiple charges into one bill: If checked, all non-reimbursable charges included within a report will create ONE bill in Bill.com. If there are transactions from multiple cards included on an expense report,the system will create a bill for each card. If this option is unchecked, each transaction will create a separate bill.
  • Mark bills as paid: If checked, the bills will be flagged as already paid. If unchecked, bills created in Bill.com are marked unpaid so you have control over when to reconcile them. When you mark bills as paid you have the option to populate the Bill.com vendor field with the corporate credit card vendor or the individual transaction merchant. 

Individual Transaction Merchant entered in the Vendor field:

Note:  Also make sure your people are properly mapped and corporate cards have been mapped (if used).

Expense Workflow

Now, we can proceed to export pending reports!
  • In Tallie, go to the Export page.
  • Confirm all expense details are correct and click Export.

  • All reimbursable expenses on a report will create a bill paid to the vendor name assigned on the Person.
  • Depending on your chosen export settings, the non-reimbursable expenses will create one or more bills payable to the appropriate credit card vendors. Click here to learn how to find them in Bill.com.