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At the beginning of each month, your account will be billed the monthly minimum of $50, plus usage fees of $9 per active user incurred the previous month exceeding the minimum.
  • For example, 10 active users in the previous month would total $90, so the additional fee would be $40. Summing up current month’s minimum and previous month’s usage fees, the invoice total would be $90.

An active user is defined as any user who creates an expense in his or her Tallie account during the billing period. Creating an expense is defined as any action that creates a new expense tile on the Purchases page. This includes scanning a receipt, manually entering expense details, calculating mileage, or importing a credit card transaction.
In the Billing tab, under Usage & Pricing, you can see a visual display of the breakdown for each month’s usage. As of January 2017, you will also see a list of monthly active users on the Usage Detail section of the Usage & Pricing page. You can also click Past Invoices for a more detailed outline of your previous invoices from Tallie.