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After you have exported your information to Bill.com, all reimbursable expenses on a report will create a bill paid to the vendor name assigned on the Person. Depending on your chosen export settings, the non-reimbursable expenses will create one or more bills payable to the appropriate credit card vendors.

Using this guide, you'll learn how to:


Finding Reimbursable Expenses

To locate your reimbursable expenses in Bill.com:
  • Go to Bill.com, click the Payables tab, then select Bills.

  • From this page, you will be able to see the Tallie reports that have come over. Note the Tallie Report #. Click into the Invoice # to view additional details.

  • Clicking into the report allows you to see a PDF with details of the expenses including the receipt images.


Finding Non-Reimbursable Expenses

  • Similarly, to locate non-reimbursable expenses, click on Payables and then Bills.
  • If "Combine multiple charges into one bill" was checked in Tallie’s Export Settings, the bill will look like this: (one bill for all transactions from each card on the report)

  • If "Combine multiple charges into one bill" was unchecked in Tallie’s Export Settings, the bills will look like this: (one bill for each credit card expense on the report)

  • If you also had "Mark bills as paid" checked in Tallie’s Export Settings, these bills will be listed in the Paid section. Change the status to Paid or Any, and click Go to view them.

Note: If there were credits (negative transactions) from a corporate card on the expense report, the transaction will be a vendor credit in Bill.com. To view them:
  • Go to Payables.
  • Click on Bills.
  • Select All Vendor Credits.