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Tallie can be used to import your credit card transactions from a downloaded credit card statement to help keep track of your expenses. This feature will be especially helpful for people who use banks which are not offered through our partner database we use for credit card and bank integrations. With this file upload feature, you can upload files downloaded from your bank to add transactions en masse in Tallie. This guide will demonstrate how to manually upload credit card statement data into your account.

In this guide:

Upload Your Credit Card Statement
  • To upload transactions manually, go to the Credit Cards page, and click Add a Credit Card

  • A box will pop up, asking you to enter your bank for our direct integration feature outlined in here. To upload a transaction file, go ahead and click Create a card profile manually at the bottom

  • On the next page, you’ll be prompted to enter the name of your bank. Select whether the charges from the account are reimbursable or non-reimbursable, select which currency the transactions are in, and enter the last 4 digits of the account. And then, click Save Credit Card Profile

  • Once the account has been successfully created, you can click Continue to upload transactions to begin the file import

  • Simply drag and drop the file you’ve downloaded from the online bank portal in the window, or click to navigate to the file

  • Once the card is added you can indicate the statement start date from the Statement Start Day of the Month drop down.

  • Now from the Purchases page, click on the credit card icon, select the transactions you need and click Import Transactions


Supported File Formats

  • CSV
  • OFX
  • QIF
  • QFX

File Column Requirements

Include the following fields as the column headers in your file:
  • Date
  • Payee 
  • Amount

Enter the transaction date in the date column, the merchant in the payee column, and the individual amount in the amount column.