Mileage Rate Update for 2017

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Each year, the IRS issues updated standard mileage rates. With the arrival of 2017, for those accounts that have never modified the original “Mileage 2016” category in Tallie, we will automatically add a new “Mileage 2017” expense category and a fixed rate of 0.535 to your Expense Categories list. IRS 2017 Standard Mileage Rate Announcement

If you have customized the mileage expense category in the past, you must manually create “Mileage 2017” by following the steps outlined in this article.

Be sure to add an end date to “Mileage 2016” and/or archive it as well. This way, you are able to preserve the integrity of previously entered data within Tallie and simply use the new category moving forward.
If you have groups enabled, the new mileage expense category will be added to groups if "Mileage 2016" was previously added to it. For more information on adding new expense categories to groups, view this article