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On each Expense Report, the submitted, approved and exported time and date can be found on the upper right-hand corner. The Expense Report timestamps are available to users, approvers and administrators.

Note that this is only available for new reports. Reports submitted prior to this feature release date - November 18, 2014, will not display this information. Likewise, this information is updated to the most recent submission/approval/export times if the report has been rejected, unapproved, or marked as unexported multiple times.

Using this guide, you will locate timestamps on reports as:
Locate Timestamps as Report Submitters

To view the timestamps, click on the expense report status tabs on the upper right-hand corner of the Expense Reports page.

Submitted reports pending on approval:

Approved reports:

Exported reports:

Locate Timestamps as Approvers

Navigate to the Approval page and click on a report located on the left-hand panel to view the report submission timestamp.

Locate Timestamps as Administrators

Navigate to the Export page and click View button to see report details. Within the report, the submission and approval timestamp is available on the upper right-hand corner.

Navigate to the Export page and click Exported Reports (located on the upper-right hand corner). Next, click the View button to see the report submission, approval, and export timestamp.