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With this CSV Export feature, you can build multiple CSV templates based on your accounting software or payroll providers’ requirements, and download them while you export expenses to your accounting system. You can also choose what types of expenses to include to get exactly what you need, such as billables only or a mix of reimbursable and corporate card charges.

Using this guide, you’ll learn how to:

Enable CSV Export

By default, companies can choose their default export destination (e.g. QuickBooks,, PDF printer, Archive, etc.). CSV Export is an opt-in feature that can be enabled and used simultaneously with normal export.
  • To enable CSV Export, go to Settings > Company Preferences > Features
  • In the Expense Features section, toggle Turn on .CSV Export Templates to YES, and then click Save

Add New Template
  • Now that you have enabled CSV Export, you’ll find a new .CSV Templates tab under Integration & Sync
  • You can toggle the existing default templates to ON (green) if you wish to use them. To create one, click Add New Template in the upper-right corner

  • Configure the settings according to your needs. Once done, click Create Template

              a.  Contents: Types of expenses you wish to include (All expenses, Reimbursable expenses, Billable only, etc.)
              b.  Headers: Column titles in the CSV
              c.  Columns: Expense information, payroll information, etc.
                          Ex 1: Tallie Field = Employee Name (Last, First); Column Header: Name; Fixed Rate = (leave blank)
                          Ex 2: Tallie Field = Employee Payroll Number; Column Header = Payroll ID; Fixed Rate = (leave blank)
                          Ex 3: Tallie Field = Company Payroll ID; Column Header = Company Payroll ID; Fixed Rate = 23108
              d.  Replacement Values: Replace a value in Tallie with something else. This is commonly used to accommodate                payroll provider requirements, such as codes for employee types or expense categories.
                          Ex: Tallie Field = Employee Type; Initial Value = Employee; Replacement Value = 1
              e.  Description: What will this template be used for? Use this field as a reference for you and your colleagues.
  • If you wish to combine values into a single column, take a look at Concatenation for CSV Export

How To Download

If you have any of the templates set to ON, next time you export – regardless of what your export settings are – you’ll also get a link to download a .ZIP file containing your CSV file(s) in the specified formats.