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With the Sort & Filter feature on the Expense Reports, Approval, Export, and Exported pages, locating reports with specific criteria has become easier than ever..

Using this guide, you will see the sort and filter features in the:
Expense Reports Page

From any Expense Reports page, click Sort Reports By on the upper-right corner to reveal the list of available filters. Different pages may have different sorting variables, depending on the available information for the reports at each stage.

Approval Page

Export Page

When a sort option is active, you can switch between ascending and descending order by clicking Z→A. Search ability is also available for select sort options.

To search by Report ID, click Sort Reports By and select Report ID. Enter the Report ID in one of the fields, and hit Enter on your keyboard. You can also enter two Report IDs to show reports within that range.

Exported Reports Page

Default Settings

Defaulting a preferred sort is not supported at the moment. The report pages will return to the default sort once the user navigates away, which would be the following:
  • Expense Reports: reports are sorted by report ID in descending order by default
  • Approval, Export, and Exported pages: Reports are sorted based on the submission/approved/exported dates in descending order (newest on top) by default