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This article will cover the following items and walk through how to get started with Tallie:
Tallie Welcome Email
An admin on your account will invite you to access your Tallie profile
  • When you receive the invitation, click the Accept Invite button

  • In the next window, you will be prompted to create your Tallie password

Tallie Mobile App

The Tallie app is available for download on iOS and Android devices. 
  • To download on an iOS device search for Tallie in the App Store > tap GET > tap INSTALL
  • To download on Android device search for Tallie in the Google Play Store > tap INSTALL > tap OPEN

On the Tallie mobile app you will be able to
  • Take a picture of a receipt and immediately return to the camera to take additional pictures (no need to wait for processing to finish)
  • Edit an expense Merchant, Date, Reason and Amount
  • Duplicate Expenses
  • Code to multiple dimensions (i.e. Project, Class, Department, etc. based on account needs)
  • Track one-way & round-trip travel mileage expenses
View our mobile app training video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCwuXiUp96I

Tallie Web

You can also access Tallie web to continue uploading expenses and further code transactions. On Tallie web you'll be able to:
  • Email receipts to Tallie
    • Send receipt images or PDF's to receipts@tallie.com or receipts@usetallie.com

    • You can also forward any HTML receipts that you received from e-commerce merchants, such as Amazon, Uber or flight booking sites

  • Manually Create Expenses
    • Click on the (+) sign on the purchases page to manually create an expense

  • Itemize 
    • Click on the pencil icon to edit your expenses > click Itemize Expense to allocate to several categories, projects, classes etc.

  • Mass Update expenses and code to multiple dimensions at once
    • Select the transactions that contain the same details, such as expense category, project, or reasons

    • Next, click on the pencil icon to update the like fields
  • Create new reports
    • In the expense reports page, click on the plus (+) icon to create a new report

  • Move expenses from one report to another
    • When viewing your report, you can move transactions around by selecting them > click on the type icon (right of the merchant name) > select a destination report to move the expenses to > click Move

  • Add additional expenses directly to the report
    • When viewing your unsubmitted reports, click on the ADD icons to enter additional expenses directly into your reports

  • Keep track of Submitted, Approved, Exported reports
    • Go to Expense Reports > Click on the Submitted, Approved, or Exported tabs to view previously submitted reports 

  • Add personal cards to Tallie and pull your credit card statement in
    • Go to Credit Cards > Click on Add a Credit Card 

    • Select your bank to connect your card(s)

  • View and resolve "Possible Duplicate" and "Out of Policy" flags
    • Click on "Possible Duplicates" to view the expenses that Tallie believes may be duplicates
    • You can either indicate that the expenses are not duplicates of each other or merge them

  • Click on the "Out of Policy" flag to view what may be missing from your expense
    • When you click on the policy flag, Tallie will return with the company rules for all expenses. To resolve the flag, simply update your expense to provide the information required

Training and Additional Resources 
Visit our support documentation site or attend one of our weekly end user training webinars. We also offer chat, phone, and email support Monday – Friday from 7 AM – 6 PM PST.
  1. Support Documentation: Visit our support doc page by going to support.usetallie.com. You can also access this page via Tallie web by clicking on your name on the top right of the page and select “Help”

  2. End User Training Webinars: Available every Tuesday morning at 8:30 AM PST. Users can register via the Tallie blog at https://blog.usetallie.com/

  3. Chat Support: Located via Tallie web on the lower right corner of the page. Please click the “Do you need some help?” link to initiate chat conversation

  4. Phone Support: Feel free to call as at 888-874-1118 x 2, Monday – Friday, 7 AM – 6 PM PST (GMT-8)
  5. Email Support: Reach out to support@usetallie.com
  6. Training Videos

    How to Login Video

    How to Create and Submit Reports Video