Tips & Tricks: Mass Edit, Merge, and Itemize

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This guide will demonstrate a few tips and tricks to help you edit, merge, and itemize transactions to make the expense reporting process smarter and smoother.

Using this guide, you will learn how to:

Edit Multiple Transactions

  • To edit specific data for multiple expenses at once:
    • Click to highlight the expenses you want to edit
    • Click on the Pencil icon

       Purchases Page:

      Expense Reports Page:
  • Make sure to click Save after you have finished editing to apply the changes

Merge Transactions

If Tallie recognizes that some aspects of two transactions are similar (based on Date, Merchant Name, and Amount), the system may tag them as Possible Duplicates. For example, if you accidentally enter the same transaction twice by uploading two different pictures of a receipt, Tallie will flag them. Merging transactions is also useful when combining receipts with credit card transactions.
  • To view the duplicates, click on the orange Possible Duplicate flag

  • A box containing both receipts will pop up, allowing you to compare their details side-by-side
    • Enlarge the receipt images by clicking the Expand button
    • Click Merge to combine the charges together, Not Duplicates to mark them as not duplicates

  • Note: “Merge” option is available when both expense are unsubmitted, and the option to “Delete Duplicates” is available when one of the duplicates has been submitted, approved, or exported.

Some alternative methods to merge transactions or handle duplicates include:
  • Clicking the transactions to highlight the ones you want to merge and clicking on the merge icon at the top left side of the page.

  • Dragging one expense tile and dropping it onto the other to merge the two
  • Deleting one of the transactions

Detach Receipts

You can detach or split a receipt image from an expense tile. This feature is especially useful when you accidentally attach an image to the incorrect credit card transaction or if you want to remove excessive images from an expense.
  • Click on any data field to open the expense in editing mode, such as the # Receipts or the Expand icon beside it

  • Use the arrows to browse and view each receipt. Click the Detach icon to split the image from the current transaction
  • Detached receipts will become its own expense tile in Purchases, which you can code, delete, or attach to another expense


Itemize Transactions

If you have an expense that allocates to several different expense categories, projects, or classes, Tallie allows you to split up (or itemize) a transaction into its component items.
  • To itemize a transaction, click on any data field to open the expense in editing mode
  • Next, click on Itemize Expense

  • The first itemization will be populated with the currently available information. Typically, you would only need to adjust the amount
  • Click Add New Item to create the next itemized line, and adjust or enter the relevant data

  • You can click on the blue arrows to expand or contract itemizations to view them
  • Click Save when complete. The transaction will now display the number of itemized lines included


Copy Expenses

The copy feature allows you to save time by copying the fields entered in one expense and creating a new expense with the same exact fields (excluding receipts). Note: This feature is not available for mileage expenses or credit card transactions and can only copy one expense at a time.
  • To copy a transaction, click on the arrow located within the expense entry

  • Select Copy Expense in the pop-up menu

  • Enter the date to use for the copied expense and then click Copy

  • The expense successfully copied without the receipt