Finding Exported Data in QuickBooks

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Use this guide to locate the following information in QuickBooks:


  • In the Home screen, click on Enter Bills
  • Click Previous to see the last bill Tallie has populated

  • Alternatively, you can find bills by going to your Vendor List
  • Select the Vendor
  • View the bills listed under Transactions



  • In the Home screen
  • Click on Write Checks
  • Click Previous to see the last check Tallie has populated

  • Alternatively, you can find checks by going to your Employee Center
  • Select the Employee
  • View the check listed under Transactions

Credit Card Charges

  • In the Home screen
  • Click on Enter Credit Card Charges
  • Click Previous to see the credit card charge that Tallie last populated

  • Alternatively, you can find card charges by going to your Chart of Accounts
  • Select the Credit Card Account to view the Credit Card Register 

Invoicing Billable Expenses

To add billable expenses to an invoice
  • Open up the invoice to the client or customer
  • Click Add Time/Costs
  • Click on the Expenses or Items tab. 

  • Check the boxes for the items you wish to add
  • Click OK to add the billable expenses onto the invoice