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The Groups feature allows you to give a group of users exclusive access to certain Expense Categories, Customers, Projects, Classes, Departments, and Locations. This would be very helpful for the clients who have an extensive list of dimensions.
Using this guide, you’ll learn how to:

Enabling Groups

To enable Groups in Tallie:
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Company Preferences
  • Click on Features
  • Toggle Setup Groups for Expense Category and Users to YES (green)

  • Click Save

Creating a New Group

To create a new group:
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Manage Lists
  • Click on Groups
  • Click on Add Group

  • Enter a Name for the group
  • And then, add dimensional restrictions to the group. Note that tracking for a dimension must first be enabled from Tallie’s Features section for it to show up on this screen

    • If a user is in more than one group, the access restrictions are additive. For example, if Group A is restricted to Class 1 & Class 2 and Group B is restricted to Class 1 & Class 3, then a person who is in Groups A & B will have access to Classes 1, 2, and 3.
    • However, Projects resources and groups for projects behave together in a subtractive way. Meaning, if you're listed in the Project People tab for Project A & B, and your group grants you access to Project B & C, you effectively only have access to Project B.
    • If a group does not include any selection for a given dimension, this is considered a non-restriction. For instance, if Group C has no classes listed, users in Group C will have access to all classes. This non-restriction does not override any restrictions in place for the other groups.
  • Click Create Group when completed

Managing Groups

From the list view, admins can now activate/deactivate the groups they’ve created using the ON/OFF toggles. To edit an existing group, simply click on the Pencil icon, or click the Trash can icon to delete a group.

Regarding the Everyone group:
  • All users listed under People will be automatically added to the Everyone group.
  • All current expense categories at the time the Groups feature is enabled will be automatically added to the Everyone group. However, new expense categories created later will need to be manually added to the Everyone group or other groups for the users to see them.
  • When you add expense categories to a group for exclusive availability, make sure to remove those categories from the Everyone group. Assigning a category to another group does not automatically remove it from that universal group. The Everyone group takes precedence if the category is in Everyone and another group.
  • You may also disable the Everyone group by toggling it to OFF (gray).